In a sense, we’re all looking for a better shave: busy employees want to look presentable, quickly; socialites want to make an impression at that special event; and shave aficionados chase the “baby’s butt shave.” Here are seven habits to get into to help achieve that goal.

What Is A Habit?

But first, for the purposes of this article, let’s clarify–just what is a “habit?”

According to Wikipedia, a habit is “…a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.”

A habit is also “circular” in nature: there is a cue, which triggers a routine, that ends with some kind…

My wife tells me that the complexion of my skin improved significantly after I started wet shaving using traditional products. But now that I’m on the far-side of “middle age” I’ve discovered that my facial skin could use a little extra help. I don’t want to go overboard though, spending huge amounts of time (and money) for diminishing returns. Here’s a simple upgraded skin-care routine I’ve settled on.

My Typical Routine

For a long time I think my shave/skin care routine was fairly typical: wash my face with generous amounts of warm water and a gentle facial cleanser (or, alternatively, shave immediately after…

truefitt and hill 1805 shaving cream
truefitt and hill 1805 shaving cream

Truefitt And Hill 1805 is their most popular shave cream. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Truefitt And Hill Background

Truefitt And Hill is one of wet shaving’s classic brands…often referred to as one of “the three T’s” (Truefitt, Trumper, and Taylor) by the wet shaving enthusiast community.

Note: Amazon, Smallflower, Truefitt and Hill, and West Coast Shaving links are affiliate.

From the Truefitt And Hill (North America) website (though it refers to the UK “home office”):

“For over two centuries Truefitt & Hill, recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber and perfumer in London, has provided discerning gentlemen with only the finest…

The double edge razor and the “Injector” style razor have been competitors for many years. And the (comparatively) recent addition of razors that take barber “shaper” blades have muddied the waters a little more. Here is an overview of the similarities and differences of these razors.

A Brief History Lesson

Both double edge and Injector razors have a long and storied history. Gillette was known mainly for the double edge razor and Schick was known mainly for the Injector razor–though both companies had “crossover” products.

To be sure, other companies had their own razor designs over the years. …

All men shave, and you may or may not do it daily. To look your best, it is essential to use a good razor. Although most individuals realize that a straight razor delivers the best results, they are extremely scared to use this piece of shaving equipment. It is important to put things into perspective and to break the negative stigma that comes from using a straight razor. Even though you may be afraid of cutting your face, you should learn the reasons why this tool should be a part of your grooming arsenal. …

Pre-shave oils get all the buzz in shaving circles, but what about pre-shaves that are not oil-based? There are actually quite a few, and they can work a little differently than oils. I have tried a number of them over the years. Which is best? Here’s the data.

Oil vs. Non Oil Pre-Shave Products

There’s an old saying that “oil and water don’t mix.” I think that’s the key (albeit perhaps over-simplified) difference between oil and non-oil pre-shave products: oils form a layer of lubricant between the skin and lather. …

When I first started my old school shaving ‘hobby’ in 2002 there was almost no information about it on the internet. And even fewer discussions about it. When I did find a couple discussions groups it was a friendly little club.

Now there are multiple forum sites and various social media platforms. That friendly little club has become a lot larger, a lot noisier, and in some cases not as friendly. What can you do to avoid the “snark?”

The Survey

I recently asked readers of Sharpologist’s Shaving Information email list, “Which platform do you find the most drama and ‘snark‘ about…

Have you noticed that the character of your shave changed after losing a significant amount of weight? Here are the reasons for it and what you can do about it.


A few years back I lost about 30 unwanted and unneeded pounds. I always preferred razors on the “mild” end of the spectrum and casually noticed that after the weight loss that preference became even more pronounced.

But I never really thought about it until I got an email from Brian a couple months ago:

“I have just lost (by design) 2.5 stone — 35lb — 16kg.

“I find my…

maskne and shaving
maskne and shaving

You are wearing a mask for long periods of time. And now your face is breaking out beneath the mask. Congratulations, you have “maskne.” Can shaving help or hurt the problem? Here is what to do about it.

What Is “Maskne?”

Maskne is really a form of Acne Mechanica — a combination of oil from the skin and rubbing from the mask for extended periods of time. Medical professionals, soldiers, and players of sports who have to wear helmets, chin guards, or even shoulder pads are probably already familiar with this kind of breakout.

When you breathe or talk in a mask, the…

lathering with a shave brush
lathering with a shave brush

What is the best shaving brush for you? There are many varieties available, with different types of hair fiber, from small “garage” artisans to Far-Eastern factories and long-established European companies. Here is all the information you must have to make an informed decision: why you should use one, the different elements of a brush, the best shaving brushes for different circumstances, how to use it most effectively, and how to properly maintain a brush.

Why Should I Use A Shaving Brush? Is A Shaving Brush Worth It?

Simply put, a shaving brush is the best way to prepare stubble for shaving. …


What your father didn't teach you about #shaving #wetshaving.

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