Is A Barbershop Shave Worth It? Expectations vs. Reality

is a barbershop shave worth it?

The Allure Of A Classic Barbershop Shave

vintage image of a barber performing a shave

The Process Of A Modern Barbershop Shave


parker barber straight razor

Preparation And Lathering

The Shave

barber face shaving map




  • Arrive on time (or even a bit early).
  • Communicate what you are looking for clearly…but have realistic expectations.
  • Let the barber do his/her job.
  • Relax and be patient (a barber shave is not to be rushed) but avoid moving your head.
  • Feel free to make some conversation (but keep in mind where the barber is currently shaving you. If he’s right around the mouth it’s probably best not to speak unless there is a problem). Also, during the service it’s probably a good idea to turn off (or at least silence) a mobile phone if you are carrying one.

Barber Shaves In The U.S. vs. Other Parts Of The World

My Experiences With Barbershop Shaves

Sharpologist Reader Experiences With Barbershop Shaves

Jay comments on his shaves at a local place:

“rkent” had a poor experience:

Bruce has had one experience and would try it again:

James has had one experience:

Stan did not have a good experience at a high-end place in Las Vegas:

“Dinghy” had a good experience but the shave wasn’t any better than he could do himself:

Blair had a terrific experience:

“dpc” had 2 bad experiences:

“jmonty” had a really good, inexpensive shave:

Robert has some experiences at barbers in hotels several different countries:

Summing Up: Conclusion And Advice

  • Don’t go into it blindly. Ask around for comments and references from others who have been to that barber/barbershop. You could even call around to barbershops in your area to find which offer shaves and can describe their service(s).
  • Set your expectations. You know your stubble better than any barber could–though some barbers may take the time to be more aware of your individual circumstances.
  • Price is not necessarily a tracking factor for the quality of the shave.



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